- Refill solution to refill your Braun® Clean & Renew® CCR cartridges and save.
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Compatible with all Braun® shavers that use Clean & Renew® cartridges from Series 3 to Series 9, and all previous models. Refills CCR2/CCR3/CCR4 cartridges. Simply empty the contents of one of these refill solution packets into a 500ml or 16 oz bottle of 70-99% isopropyl/rubbing alcohol (available in drug stores for about $2) to make enough solution to refill a Braun® Clean & Renew® cartridge 3 times.

NEW! Cleaning powder packets to clean your used Braun Clean & Renew CCR cartridges!

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Peppermint Refill Solution Packet for Braun® Clean & Renew® CCR Cartridges
Read 19 reviews
Peppermint refill solution packets for Braun® Clean & Renew® CCR cartridges. Contains food grade machine oil for lubrication and scented with natural essential oil. Each packet makes 3 refills.
Requires one 500ml or 16oz bottle of 70-99% isopropyl/rubbing alcohol per packet.

Quantity discounts (mix & match):
Buy 2 for $7.49 each, 3 for $6.59 each, 4 for $5.89 each, 5 for $5.69 each, 6-7 for $5.19 each, 8-9 for $4.29 each, 10-24 for $3.99 each, 25+ for $3.19 each
USD $9.79 Each


Product Reviews

As Good As Ever by Eric G. on 9/14/2023
I have been using Sacha's products for years now and they are always amazing. I get the same consistant results EVERYTIME. I will continue to use them for the rest of my life.

Love the peppermint smell! by Christopher on 8/27/2023
Great product for cleaning the razor. Appreciate this being much more affordable than buying from Braun their cleaner. Will continue to do business with in the future!

Bloody works! by Jay on 1/22/2022
Ok, it took me 4 months to decide to try and buy from ypu guys. Your site looks like a scam site! But then I took a leap of faith. It works perfectly! I guess that is why there is almost zero effort on the site. Why would you spend money to make a beautiful site, when you can just save it and invest it on making quality products. Right?!?! But damn! I really thought this was a scam site. Well, my shaver is very good again! Do not ever gp out of business! I will buy your product for as long as hair grows on my hair! Very good product! Do not hesitate brothers! You just need to work on cleaning the cartridge, buy a cheap transparent condiment squeeze bottle with ML measurement for your solution, you are good to go!

Awesome value! by Simon Cope on 8/1/2021
I have been using Sacha's scents since 2017, ordering them from New Zealand in the Southern Hemisphere. Fantastic value. Between my father and I who use the Braun system, we are very happy. I highly recommend you use them. The scents are great!

Excellent product by Vitali on 12/4/2019
I've been using it for 2 months. The results are the same as an original liquid solution.

Best Option by William F Swayngim on 10/7/2019
The mix for the cleaning solution is very good. It is easy to make and much better option than retail cleaner. Does a good job on the shavers cleaning, I am glad to find the product.

Cheaper than Braun by Chris Daniele on 7/17/2019
I like the variety of scents, I especially like the Peppermint. How long it lasts though seems unpredictable. Some fills go the whole 4-5 weeks, a few though have gone after 3 weeks.

Great product by chun on 3/14/2019
Great product. Let me be like a new razor every day.

F U Braun Price Increase by Chris on 12/30/2018
So glad I took a shot with this product, Braun recently increase their already expensive prices - I came across this product from a recommendation on a YouTube video and threw caution to the wind. The product definitely works well, I really like the peppermint, will definitely but again and I highly recommend.

Cartridge cleaner by Graeme on 1/2/2018
Just started using and happy with product
Easy to use and smells great

Works Amazingly Well..... by Eric on 10/1/2017
I just love this product. It works as advertised and is quite a value.
Thanks so much for providing this alternative.

Awesome by Greg on 1/12/2017
Works 100%! saves me a ton of cash.

Watch out for Australian Customs by John Davies on 11/20/2016
Well done and well supplied. However I ordered 6 packets for my Braun razor but only received 5. The 6th one it appears was taken by Australian Customs and checked most likely for drugs !! I'm glad it was really just razor fluid !

Surprise, produit efficace by Hubert on 7/29/2016
Pour la premiļæ½re utilisation je suis satisfait du produit.

Proven! by Gerald on 4/7/2016
I have been using for over a year and the product works and saves me money over Braun's overpriced refills.

It works! by grs1961 on 3/27/2016
As good as the factory made one, and the variation in scent is pleasing.

Too pepperminty by John on 11/22/2014
Too pepperminty for me but maybe good for others.

Finally, an end to Braun's never ending gouging! by Craig on 8/23/2014
I was ready to trash my Braun razor after I realized I had spend more on Clean & Renew
than I paid for the razor. So I did one last
search for "cheap clean & renew" which I never
did find and stumbled onto this website. Although
the Isopropyl smell is undesirable to me, I am saving enough money to make it a moot point. This
cleaner works every bit as good as Braun's.

Works as expected! Great product! by Chris on 8/22/2014
Works as expected! Great product! Easy instructions to follow!

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