- Refill solution to refill your Braun® Clean & Renew® CCR cartridges and save.
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Compatible with all Braun® shavers that use Clean & Renew® cartridges from Series 3 to Series 9, and all previous models. Refills CCR2/CCR3/CCR4 cartridges. Simply empty the contents of one of these refill solution packets into a 500ml or 16 oz bottle of 70-99% isopropyl/rubbing alcohol (available in drug stores for about $2) to make enough solution to refill a Braun® Clean & Renew® cartridge 3 times.

NEW! Cleaning powder packets to clean your used Braun Clean & Renew CCR cartridges!

Current handling time: Up to 7 business days.

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Quantity discounts (mix & match): Buy 2 for $7.49 each, 3 for $6.59 each, 4 for $5.89 each, 5 for $5.69 each, 6-7 for $5.19 each, 8-9 for $4.29 each, 10-24 for $3.99 each, 25+ for $3.19 each

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Lemon Refill Solution Packet for Braun® Clean & Renew® CCR Cartridges
Read 136 reviews
Lemon refill solution packets for Braun® Clean & Renew® CCR cartridges. Contains food grade machine oil for lubrication and scented with natural essential oil. Each packet makes 3 refills.
Requires one 500ml or 16oz bottle of 70-99% isopropyl/rubbing alcohol per packet.

Quantity discounts (mix & match):
Buy 2 for $7.49 each, 3 for $6.59 each, 4 for $5.89 each, 5 for $5.69 each, 6-7 for $5.19 each, 8-9 for $4.29 each, 10-24 for $3.99 each, 25+ for $3.19 each
USD $9.79 Each


Product Reviews

CCRRefills is a great company to order from by Richard on 3/4/2024
The vendor from CCRRefills went out of their way to ensure client satisfaction. High level client care. I'd order from them again any day.

The ONLY choice for a good Clean & Renew supply by Philip Myers on 9/8/2023
We�ve purchased only from here when we need to keep our C&R cartridges performing as they are designed. Kudo to this crew for a truly excellent product at a truly economical price point.

Great Alternative by L.H. on 8/27/2023
Just received my second order. When I bought my razor I didn�t realize I would need to buy cleaning cartridges. So grateful I found CCR. What a great alternative! Easy to perform steps.

Economical by Donald Nelson on 8/10/2023
I have been using this product for two years. The alternative is paying $20 a month for manufacturers cartridge.

Great Alterative by Cliff on 7/28/2023
I tried the product because was tired of buying Braun's refills at high prices. I was surprised how well the refills work and saves me money.

Outstanding results for over 2 years by benb on 6/19/2023
I ordered 8 packets over 2 years ago and am now on my final packet. This time I'm ordering even more. The stuff works great! Super easy to mix up and refill a container. Much cheaper and cuts way down on the plastic waste.

Excellent by Gary E on 5/20/2023
Works great and has a nice scent. Can't believe I didn't do this sooner.

Worth every penny by Mike B. on 4/7/2023
This product not only saves money, but it is very easy to mix properly.

Perfect by Normand st-jean on 4/1/2023
Fast delevery,I used this since 3 years, works perfect

Does just what I ordered for, Thx! by febrile on 2/24/2023
Does just what I ordered for, Thx! I followed online post instructions that led me to the source to purchase. It does what I need well & makes my razor happy, which in turn makes me happy, Thx!

Excellent Product by Steen Carstensen on 2/5/2023
I really like this product, keeps my razor nice and clean.

Works great! by A.B on 1/6/2023
Just like the real thing, works fine for me so far.

Very easy to use, pour in alcohol and give it a swirl and its good to go.

Noticed no issues thus far. Smells great, cleans just the same as the OG.

Definitely sticking with this from now on.

So Far So Good by Jeff S on 1/6/2023
I'm in the middle of my first cartridge with the CCR refill packet, and so far it's working fine. Cleaning out and refilling the old cartridge with the new fluid was easy, and I've had no problems with the fill-level being recognized correctly by the cleaning device. My only issue is that I've notice after a cleaning session, there is still a film of something on the razor head so it feels moist. This never happened with the official cartridges, so I wonder if it has something to do with the formulation of CCR Refill. But it wipes off easily and doesn't seem to impact shave quality, so it hasn't been a big deal.

First timer by DAD on 11/9/2022
New user, but so far a great substitute for more expensive replacement. Long term results will take a good whille to see if equipment longevity is harmed.

Thanks from New Zealand - very happy customers by Simon Cope on 8/1/2021
I have been using Sacha's scents since 2017, ordering them from New Zealand in the Southern Hemisphere. Fantastic value. Between my father and I who use the Braun system, we are very happy. I highly recommend you use them. The scents are great!

Great Product!!!! by Manolis Papadopoulos on 5/1/2021
I have been using these (Lemon and Lime scent)for more than a year. Never had a problem, with my Braun CC S9. I am a VERY HAPPY customer! Thanks from Greece...

Works as promised by Norman on 1/26/2020
Have using product for almost a year and it works. Easy to mix and use. Saves a lot of money compared to Braun cartridges. Today they had a special at 20% off which makes it even a beter deal.

Excellent product by Vitali on 12/4/2019
I've been using it for 2 months. The results are the same as an original liquid solution.

Great product. by Chris on 11/1/2019
Good savings and it works well.

CCRefills by Gerald and Gloria on 10/28/2019
Thanks. The smell is refreshing and natural.It does no harm.

Highly recommended by paul on 8/27/2019
I live in HK. At first, i was afraid the product will be lost during the shipping. It was like a dreaming that the products are finally shipped safely, I don't need to care about the shipping actually. The products are awesome, they really work as the original one, highly recommended. I will buy next time if the products are fully utilized.

Refill works as advertised by Frederick on 8/26/2019
Haven't had much success refilling these cartridges. Upon cleaning out and refilling, the cleaning station wouldn't work. After using the CCR powder and IPA, able to get the cleaning station working. This saves money and re-using the cartridge is good practice.Thanks!

Saves money while solving problem by Alan P. on 8/26/2019
At less than half the price including the bottle of isopropyl alcohol, this excellent product efficiently and fragrantly solves the problem of a full cleaning unit not sensing your other home-mixed replacement cleaner solution without additional secret ingredients.

Works just as well as the original cartridge fluid by Mark on 8/19/2019
I was initial sceptical that this was going to be as good as the fluid in the cartridges, but it really is fantastic! The lemon scent matches the original, and the cleaning of the razor is just as good.

Awesome by Leo on 8/8/2019
Better than the original! At first I was skeptical but after first use I changed my opinion. Thanks

Have been using CCR for over 4 years by Wayward on 8/5/2019
I have been using CCRRefills for over 4 years now. It has saved me so much money over the years. I have tried all the scents over the years and I like them all.
Regular old lemon does the trick though in a pinch.

Great product by DCR on 7/23/2019
Does the job at a reasonable price

The only way to go. by Brent on 7/12/2019
After buying expensive cartridges for years, this is the only way to clean your razor's head and avoid the extortionate prices of the company's product. And, you're recycling!

utilisateur by Stephane Piche on 7/11/2019
Tr�s bon produit. Le plus compliqu� est de nettoyer le r�servoir avant de mettre le nouveau pproduit.

Simple, highly effective product by Bob on 6/24/2019
This product works as a very effective alternative to wasting lots of plastic and money to keep your razor clean.

Great Product by JFH on 6/22/2019
I first tried this product because the Braun refills are hard to find in my area. The lemon packs are a perfect substitute for the high-priced refills. They are easy to use and reliable. I recommend giving the alcohol bottle a shake before each reload to keep the pack thoroughly mixed.

Perfect by Kostas Kyfonidis on 6/17/2019
Excellent product that does the same job as the original Braun product

Great Alternative by Bob L on 6/15/2019
Works just as good and cost much less than cartridges.Will continue to use in the future.

Perfect Substitute by Chris on 6/5/2019
Provide you can get the alcohol cheap this is a great replacement for the original

Excellent product by Don on 4/20/2019
Works great. Quick delivery. Great price.

Great product by chun on 3/14/2019
Great product. Let me be like a new razor every day.

Fantastic by Lawrence on 3/6/2019
I now exclusively use these. My shaver is cleaned just as well as the expensive stuff and is showing no detrimental effects after 3 years now. Brilliant. I'm saving a fortune :)

HAPPY CUSTOMER by KEN S on 3/4/2019

Great Buy by Bill McAdory on 3/3/2019
Great way to save money and keep your razor in top condition!

Love the scents!! by Jeff on 2/12/2019
So glad I found these packs so I could just buy rubbing alcohol and add these great scents to it, instead of the crazy expensive refills.

Great product by Jose on 2/6/2019
Does de job as the original but at much lower price.

works great by mike on 1/26/2019
awesome deal and works great

Great service by Joe on 1/10/2019
Better then buying new cartridges.
Seller works with you if issues arise which was great

Works! by S.S. on 12/17/2018
Product does a great job and is much cheaper than Braun refills.

Save $$$ by Michael on 12/1/2018
Cant beat saving money! So happy I finally found this product.

Great Product by Fred on 11/14/2018
A real money saver and just as good as Braun.

Brilliant by GAry on 10/6/2018
I have been using CCRRefills for over five years now, and have always been happy with the product and the speed of delivery.

Great product by Pierre on 10/3/2018
But .....
...How can we be sure that the blades are sufficiently lubricated?

Great product by Stavros on 8/18/2018
Great product, fast shipment, excellent seller highly recommended.

Lemon by Charlie on 7/30/2018
Great product fast service

Great value by Chris on 6/20/2018
As good as the Braun cartridges. For best value buy the alcohol in the largest quantity you can

Satisfied by APerfSr on 6/16/2018
Refilled one cartridge since purchase and seemed to work very well except for slight solution residue after cleaning. I used 70% isopropyl alcohol which may not completely evaporate with Braun clean cycle. Will try 91- or 99% alcohol at next mix to correct this not-too-important observation.

Excellent by Rick from TO on 6/15/2018
I bought 2 the first time and was so satisfied that I bought 4 more. Buy with confidence. I will buy more in the future.

Great product by Edoc on 6/13/2018
Been using this product for several years. Does a fine job and of course, the savings are substantial.

Great product by Gord King on 6/12/2018
Huge savings! Cleans well and smaells great!

private by gerald stevens on 6/1/2018
works fine would buy again

Braun refills by Matthew Smith on 5/31/2018
Excellent product and money saver

CCRrefills by upyours 1230 on 5/22/2018
Great product and postage costs.Fast delivery.
Will buy again

Seems to work well by Rick on 5/22/2018
The "mix it yourself" packets seem to work well in the shaver's cleaning station, and they are SO MUCH CHEAPER than the cleaning solution produced by the vendor.

Easy and cost effective shaver cleaning by Georg on 4/11/2018
So much better than the Original Braun cartridges. I make a 1 liter bottle with 2 satchels each time, lasts for a long time.
I�m very happy with the sent (lemon) as well, it masks the isopropyl smell to some degrees.
All in all a great product, I can only recommend it to all Braun users. 👍👌😎

wery good prodact !!!! by ilan on 4/8/2018
it is the firset time that i bought this prodact highly recommendrd

Braun Shaver cleaner by Ian D on 3/26/2018
Great product with significant savings.I will be using this product now.
Highly recommended

Lemon refill cleaning solution is perfect by Dejonckheere J. on 1/26/2018
The original cartridges are so expensive. I could not find a supplier in Europe en Amazon does not deliver in Europe from te US. Then I found It was easy to order en it was shipped perfectly.

Great Product, Huge Savings by Lorax on 1/9/2018
I have been using this product for over 10 years now, and it is a complete replacement for the expensive cartridges that the brand name wants to sell to you. Take my advice, buy here, in bulk, and save even more.

A GREAT PRODUCT by DENNIS C on 10/15/2017

Excellent Product by Heather on 10/14/2017
The product is wonderful and works exactly the same as the Braun refills, but so much less expensive.

excellent. Highly recommended by Doug on 9/9/2017
Because I live overseas, the cost of buying the Braun refilliable cartridges is quite expensive. These refills are excellent and enable me to keep the shaver clean and efficient. As well, the customer service was excellent. Highly recommended.

Excellent customer service by K.C. on 8/21/2017
I ordered a package of 3 refills and one of them opened up and leaked out all its contents into the envelope during shipping. I was promptly resent another package of 3 refills (not just the 1 to replace the defective package) which was much appreciated.

Best Replacement by Jeff on 8/15/2017
Way Way cheaper than the $25 for 3 cartridges from walmart. And nice different scents.

Just wish it was easier to clean out the old cartridge before refilling, but not an issue with these packs.

Cost Compaison Fixed by Cost Compare on 7/30/2017
I went through the order process and realized CCR was cheaper than I thought. I bought 4 packets for $15.74 + 2*2.59 32 oz bottles = $20.92 which makes 12 cartridges or $1.74 per cartridge. This compared to the $4.97 per cartridge from Amazon (US) makes it almost 1/3 the cost (not 1/2 the cost as in my previous review)

Cost Comparison by Cost Compare on 7/30/2017
The cheapest I could find for Braun & Renew was $19.87 at Amazon(US) for a 4 pack or $4.97 a cartridge. (You need to do this once to get the cartridges). With CCRrefills the cheapest I found was $2.59 at Walmart (US) for 91% Isopropul for 32 oz. This coupled with 2 packets for 2*8.59*75= $12.89. Combing #2.59+$12.89= $15.48 for a 6 pack. This works out to $2.58 a cartridge for a refill which is almost half the price.

Are good by Antonio on 7/6/2017
I bought to spain. They send me everything very fast and the product is like the website say

CCRefill by Tony Warn on 6/29/2017
Pretty good for the price but not as convenient as ready made cleaning fluid.

looks good by LeRoy on 6/24/2017
Only on first pack but seem to be working OK. Will order again

Excellent refills by Tim_H on 6/21/2017
Have bought these refills a number of times in the past. Excellent quality and saves me a fortune.

Highly recommended.

Great Product by Peter W on 5/30/2017
Very pleased with the product works very well. One bottle of 70% Rubbing Alcohol (Cost $12.95) from my area, and mixed with the scented product, and it works, it's cheap and better than paying for the genuine product. Will definitely be ordering another batch when it is required.

Effective!!! by busman4 on 5/27/2017
A product that is at least as good as the original - at a much lower price. The best!

Great by Stan B. on 4/30/2017
Works as advertised for the cleaning of my Braun electric razor. Highly recommend this product. Since I live in Asia to buy the original Braun cleaner solution, it costs a fortune here so saving lots of money.

Excellent product! by Denis on 4/17/2017
Excellent product.Works very well at a great price. A+

Great product by Rene Peerboom on 4/16/2017
Convenient; great product

Great product by Reneviera on 4/5/2017
Easy to use and convenient

Fantastic!!!!! by Trevor on 3/24/2017
I ordered these and waited patiently for delivery but unfortunately they went missing in the post.
CCR did what all excellent businesses do and resent the products as soon as they became aware that the initial package had been lost.
OMG what a fantastic product. I believe it out performs the original Braun product by a country mile.
Thank you CCR for your great customer service and wonderful product.

affordable by owen on 3/23/2017
great product fast shipping, have been using for several years.

Braun Clean & Renew CCR3 Cartridges by Paul on 3/18/2017
Best thing I bought for my electric razor keeping caming 10/10.

great product by Arm on 3/13/2017
works great a lot less then buying the refill

Great Substitute by Roger on 3/8/2017
I purchased several of these packets. I have used the manufacturer's solution as well, but the solution one gets from the CCRrefills with 70% alcohol seems just as good. The scent is mild and pleasant. The alcohol to which the packet is added does the basic cleaning job just as Braun's originals do. And the food-grade mineral oil lubricant ensures the normal life expectancy of the razor's blades and screen. This is an excellent, cost-effective solution to the problem. If Braun had offered this alternative to their obscenely over-priced Clean and Renew cartridges, they would retain customers for ongoing sales rather than chase them away. I suspect their ultimate profits would be just as good due to economy of scale. Also, by reusing the plastic cartridges themselves, they would be acting much more responsibly for the environment.

Great Product - isoprop for mixing is a problem by Chris S (Australia) on 3/1/2017
The product is excellent and indistinguishable from the original. Sourcing the iso-propyl alcohol in order to make the fuss of doing it yourself cost effective was not so easy. Eventually sourced 4 litre containers for well under $100 so now it is REALLY cost effective.

As good as the real thing! by Alan G on 2/5/2017
I expect someone will say I'm a "plant" since this is my 5th review, but I assure you, I'm just a very satisfied customer. When one can buy a product that works as well as the original, smells as good, if not better, and costs way less, then it's easy to say good things about it; and CCRrefills are that product! Don't take my word for it - try it, I guarantee you'll be happy you did.

Good work! by Kari on 1/2/2017
Works just like the original, great saving

Great Value and Perfect Outcome by jason on 12/15/2016
Awesome product. Wish i discovered them earlier.

Great product and Quick delivery by Mic on 12/12/2016
Good product for the price
The blade is still damp after the cleaning cycle but that price it's worth it

Still 5 stars by Alan G on 12/11/2016
Rated this product 5 stars when I first started to use it a few years ago, and I still rate it 5 stars. Just bought 3 packets but decided to introduce it to my boys, so I reordered 5 more. And can you believe, it's not made in China?

Amazing product! by Scott on 12/4/2016
After lots of reading I thought I'd give these refill solution packs a try. So glad I did! Not only do you save a lot of money but it seems these refills last longer than the actual Braun product. Will definitely be buying again - thanks!

Excellent product by RJS on 12/1/2016
Enjoy using the product and great that it
is a saving over buying Braun original. Would recommend this product to others.

Works the same as Braun by Eric on 11/27/2016
Save yourself money and buy this.

Customer from Finland by Reijo Vesen on 10/29/2016
Good product!
I will be buying again.

Very good deal! by T.J. on 10/19/2016
Works well and saves a load of cash!! Thank you.

Totally Awesome! Saves heaps of $$$ by Jason on 10/14/2016
I'm very careful with non-original products but tried this and it is perfect. I live in Australia and was able to get the Rubbing Alcohol (70%) easily in a 1 liter bottle. 2 packets and it's done. No difference to the Braun cassettes. Somebody mentioned it smells but that's the alcohol. You always need to let the shaver air after cleaning. Perfect, Thanks, Jason.

Using these for 2 years now by Vlad on 10/5/2016
These work out much cheaper than the original cartridges, and they clean the shaver perfectly well. I still use the originals sometimes just to have a new cartridge case, as after 4-5 refills the case starts looking dull and grimy, so I throw it away and grab a new one. Even with that, it's a lot of saving. And I love the lemon smell of it!

Works Great by Kostiuk on 10/2/2016
Saves loads of moneys and keeps my razor clean.

Save the Money! by Rif666 on 9/27/2016
I decided to give this a try and i am glad i did. i am set not for the year with my razor cleaning supplies. the best part it cost less than a normal 4 month supply, and does an even better job. A +

No brainer by Rich on 9/26/2016
Been using these for years, easy way to save $$.

Makes sense by DonL on 9/23/2016
Works as advertized. Enough said

Good substitute by John D on 8/20/2016
As has been said by so many, excellent substitute to replace the excessive charge by Braun.

Great Product by Ignacio on 7/22/2016
It worked as planned. Really replaces the full refill from Braun and is a lot cheaper.

Great by Paul on 7/10/2016
Great product. Delivered as promised.

All good! by Steve on 7/3/2016
The product works as well as the Braun cleaner. The seller answered my queries really quickly. I'm on my second order of these.

Great Product by GPowermac on 6/13/2016
Just re-ordered 3 more packs, work great on Braun Synchro system (clean and renew system), highly recommended product

Just like the real thing by Tony on 6/7/2016
No problem with the Braun cleaning unit, definitely be purchasing some more

Very good seller by leorockford on 6/1/2016
Thank you for advising me.

Lemon refill cleaning solution by Snowteck on 5/24/2016
Brilliant, works a dream, easy to implement and saves a bomb.

Excellent product by cd hall on 5/16/2016
Preforms cleaning task as claimed.

Great product by Alon Peled on 5/12/2016
. .

Lemon works best !! by Lorax on 5/11/2016
Lemon is the best at cleaning my razor, the other scents (especially the green ones)sometimes leave a build up of "goo" on the high side of the razor head.
Save yourself some coin and use this product instead of the "store bought" "brand name" refills.

Great product. by leorockford on 5/5/2016

Perfect by BPH on 4/30/2016
Works just like the original, great saving

As good as the original by Alan G on 4/29/2016
Actually better than the original because the cost is so much less. You and your razor will notice no difference, only your pocket will.

Perfect by Alex Farley on 4/28/2016
Nicer smeller and cheaper than official replacements. What more could you ask for?

Excellent by Julio on 4/27/2016
The first time I tried it with Braun shaver worked perfectly. Excellent stuff! I am now free of having to buy the crazy priced Braun refills.

Works but ..... by Amjad on 4/24/2016
Its okay and works as long as you wash and clean your shaver good before sticking into the cleaner. After it is done, you have to leave your shaver out for a night to loose the strong smell of alcohol.

Wish lemon smell was strong enough to suppress the alcohol smell.

Love it! by Bob on 4/21/2016
Wasnt sure about this product but turned out to be such a great a cheaper solution. This is a no brainer!

Perfect Substitute by Vic on 4/7/2016
If only I had known about this earlier, instead of purchasing new cartridges. Very easy to make the cleaning fluid and works just as well as the original.

An excellent substitute by Brian K on 4/7/2016
Works well and have enough to last for years.

Great by Paul on 4/7/2016
Great service and product.

Not Recommended by Karl Wichser on 4/6/2016
This product gummed up the shaver and the impellor of the base unit. I've used straight denatured alcohol for years in the refills and that is what I'll continue to use. This product is not recommended.

Response from This is the first report of this in over 5 years of sales and tens of thousands of refill packets sold. There are no ingredients in the packets that can gum up, been using myself for over 5 years with no issue. It's likely the wrong type of alcohol was used or this review may have been meant for a competing brand product where such issues are common. Buyer has been contacted to resolve issue.

Great by ARM on 4/1/2016
I have been using this for years saves me lots of money

It works! by grs1961 on 3/27/2016
As good as the factory made one, and the variation in scent is pleasing.

Bon Produit !! by Mario on 3/26/2016
J'ai acheter plusieurs de leur produit
et je suis tr�s satisfait !
J'ai sauver beaucoup de $$

If you're looking to save a buck by Don F on 4/20/2015
After going through 4 cartridges I can say from experience that while this produce does clean, it leaves hair inside of the holder and the shaver. I've been tempted to go back to Braun to be quite honest. Now if all you're interested in, is saving a buck, then this product is for you. I'm not crazy about paying $6 for a Braun cartridge either and the fact that you can NOT recycle the plastic, pisses me off so I'll use up what I bought from CCR Refills and decide what I want to do at that time. Notice how most of the above reviews were all entered within 10 days of each other. Go Figure.

Response from The reason for the first reviews being within 10 days is because that's when the review feature was added to the website and previous customers had been contacted to post reviews. All reviews on the website a real independent user reviews.

Will never buy Braun Cartridges again! by Francois on 8/27/2014
So glad I found this place. Easy to mix and so economic. Thanks.

FINALLY! by Alan G. on 8/18/2014
I have tried other substitutes only to go back to "the reqal thing". Now I don't have to anymore! Mixed 1 packet with the required 70% alcohol, made 3 refills as advertised. Can't tell tell difference from the original from the smell to the way it cleans my razor. Absolutely recommended.

better than the original by Francesco on 8/18/2014
Better than the original! At first I was skeptical but after first use I changed my opinion. Thanks

Excellent product by D.S on 8/18/2014
Tried this product after buying a Braun electric razor as the original cartdidges are so expensive. Have used for approx 1 month now and can honestly say you cannot tell the difference between this & the original liquid except for the extra money left in your pocket!!!
Would definately recommend & will be buying again!!

Great product !!!!!! by Ivan G on 8/18/2014
Keeps your Braun clean and performing like a new razor every day. These are definitely a must have if you own a Braun with a cleaning unit.It good to have a supply on hand, and not have to worry. It also doesn't hurt to save a little in the process.

the best substitute by Willen on 8/18/2014
I bought this to try because I really didn't want to be paying $6 cartridges!

I found this and gave it a try. I'm currently on my second pack of lemon. So I've already filled about 4 cartridges (500ml fills 3 cartridges).

It feels great. Sometimes I feel like the blade is still damp after a few hours and the alcohol odour is stronger. But those are small tradeoffs when I'm saving so much!

Highly recommended!

Awesome by M.R. on 8/17/2014
Great stuff, I haven’t had to buy the crazy priced Braun refills for years. This saves a ton of money.

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