- Refill solution to refill your Braun® Clean & Renew® CCR cartridges and save.
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Compatible with all Braun® shavers that use Clean & Renew® cartridges from Series 3 to Series 9, and all previous models. Refills CCR2/CCR3/CCR4 cartridges. Simply empty the contents of one of these refill solution packets into a 500ml or 16 oz bottle of 70-99% isopropyl/rubbing alcohol (available in drug stores for about $2) to make enough solution to refill a Braun® Clean & Renew® cartridge 3 times.

NEW! Cleaning powder packets to clean your used Braun Clean & Renew CCR cartridges!

Current handling time: Up to 5 business days.

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Fir (Christmas Tree) Refill Solution Packet for Braun® Clean & Renew® CCR Cartridges
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Fir (Christmas Tree) refill solution packets for Braun® Clean & Renew® CCR cartridges. Contains food grade machine oil for lubrication and scented with natural essential oil. Each packet makes 3 refills.
Requires one 500ml or 16oz bottle of 70-99% isopropyl/rubbing alcohol per packet.

Quantity discounts (mix & match):
Buy 2 for $7.49 each, 3 for $6.59 each, 4 for $5.89 each, 5 for $5.69 each, 6-7 for $5.19 each, 8-9 for $4.29 each, 10-24 for $3.99 each, 25+ for $3.19 each
USD $9.79 Each


Product Reviews

good stuff by gabor on 7/14/2023
Pleasant smell, more importantly the lubrication qualities seem to be very good.

Fir Packets by Scott on 5/22/2023
Excellent product and saves a significant amount of money

More Economical by Mystic Friend on 3/1/2023
The Fir scent is remarkably like real fir trees. I am glad that there is a more economical alternative to the standard OEM. The refill packets work well. I am happy with my purchase and look forward to trying other scents.

christmas tree by Guy on 1/10/2023
Effectively easy to use and a smell of fir tree which is a nice change from the lemony scent from the oem

Fantastic! by Simon Cope on 8/1/2021
I have been using Sacha's scents since 2017, ordering them from New Zealand in the Southern Hemisphere. Fantastic value. Between my father and I who use the Braun system, we are very happy. I highly recommend you use them. The scents are great!

Excellent product by Vitali on 12/4/2019
I've been using it for 2 months. The results are the same as an original liquid solution.

Not my first buy, neither my last! by Yannis on 10/22/2019
Excellent product, once again and always. Giving my solution a pleasant scent of fir and keeping my Brown good as new.
I totally recommend!!

Great! by JIm on 5/24/2017
Easy to use and you cannot beat the price. The product arrives quickly and keeps for a long time. I usually order several packets and they will last me for months before I need to order more. I find that it works as well as the Braun stuff and yo can get different scents if you want

savings by mark on 12/7/2016
I bought unscented and fir and the fir is right on. I wish I had known about this product before.I am very pleased on how it cleans and the savings is great--thanks a lot.

Clean New Scent, but not quite as clean as lemon. by Lorax on 5/11/2016
The new scent was a nice change from the usual lemon. But, as with the lime, there is a build-up of green residue on the high side of the razor head (high side as it sits at an angle in the charging/cleaning cradle). I'll stick to the lemon as I have had no problems with that scent. Overall, the products here are great and the savings are spectacular.

Mr R. J. Peak by R. J. Peak on 5/11/2016
I purchased several different scents, Orange, Lemon, Fir and I believe that the Fir has the most noticeable scent. They have all performed very well and I'm very happy with your product overall.

Works as advertised by Steve on 4/30/2016
I mixed with 2 packets with one quart 91% isopropyl alcohol and I still have some of the quart left after over a year. Razor works great, no problems. Not only is it cheaper but I don't have to keep running out top buy replacement. I just fill with the quart of the mix. I bought 5 packets but next time I'd make it an even number so I can keep buying the quart size as it is cheaper.

It works! by grs1961 on 3/27/2016
As good as the factory made one, and the variation in scent is pleasing.

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