- Refill solution to refill your Braun® Clean & Renew® CCR cartridges and save.
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Simply empty the contents of one of these refill solution packets into a 500ml or 16 oz bottle of 70-99% isopropyl/rubbing alcohol (available in drug stores for about $2) to make enough solution to refill a Braun® Clean & Renew® cartridge 3 times.

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Quantity discounts: Buy 2 for $6.87 each, 3 for $6.25 each, 4 for $5.62 each, 5 for $5.50 each, 6-7 for $5.00 each, 8-9 for $4.22 each, 10-24 for $3.75 each, 25+ for $3.00 each

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Orange Refill Solution Packet for Braun® Clean & Renew® CCR3 Cartridges
Read 19 reviews
Orange refill solution packets for Braun® Clean & Renew® CCR cartridges. Contains food grade machine oil for lubrication and scented with natural essential oil. Each packet makes 3 refills.
Requires one 500ml or 16oz bottle of 70-99% isopropyl/rubbing alcohol per packet.

Quantity discounts:
Buy 2 for $6.87 each, 3 for $6.25 each, 4 for $5.62 each, 5 for $5.50 each, 6-7 for $5.00 each, 8-9 for $4.22 each, 10-24 for $3.75 each, 25+ for $3.00 each
USD $8.59 Each


Product Reviews

CCR Refills by Raymond Lieberman on 8/26/2018
Works great for a great price. Good deal all around. Will order again.

Good stuff by Mike on 1/12/2018
I like the orange scent much better than the Br**n original. The razor shaves just fine, mixing and refilling is easy and the cost savings are fantastic. Just don't forget to save your last empty cartrige for refilling! :)

CCR Refills by Mike on 10/28/2017
Works great...Saves me money and that makes me happy.

CCR Refills by Dr Cornelia Green on 9/28/2017
Great and simple to use when cleaning a Braun Shaver.

Brilliant by Jarrod on 5/26/2017
Works as advertised. Easy to make and at a fraction of the cost of Braun refills. Highly recommended product, and fast delivery to Australia. Thanks!!!

CCR Refills by John on 3/21/2017
Great product and great customer service.

Orange works great by Yuriy on 2/2/2017
Очень хорошая замена оригинальным картриджам.

Buy Bulk and Save More by Zalf on 12/25/2016
I bought 10 and they lasted 2 years so this time I grabbed 25 for 5 yrs. $15 CDN a yr. (+ alcohol cost) for a clean and pleasant smelling Braun razor works for me!

Excellent. I think this product may be unique? by Mike on 12/23/2016
Save money and your shaver. Raw IPA is not good for your shaver. Recommend to all.

CCR Refills by kai on 9/5/2016
Does what it says on the pack. No fuss to make up.

Orange works great by ack on 8/28/2016
I have always had good performance with the lemon scented solution and decided to try the orange. It also works well. Save yourself some money and use these refill packs instead of the high priced factory refills.

CCRrefills by Dave on 7/18/2016
These work as well as the original, at a fraction of the cost. There is a scent in the bottle, but not on the razor, even after letting it dry. I use it mainly to keep my razor lubricated and clean. (braun series 7). Great purchase.

Much cheaper than buying new cartridges by Jake1965 on 7/12/2016
I saw these on eBay having purchased originals new complete cartridges. They work just as well as the original Braun shaver refill for a fraction of the cost. Highly recommend to all.

Perfect everytime by Jerry on 6/24/2016
CCR Refills product and customer service cannot be beat. Don't go anywhere else.

Thanks by Alain on 4/29/2016
Very good product. The product replace the expensive
Product of Braun

CCR Refills by Travis on 4/18/2016
Stuff works great. This is the second time I have ordered from CCR refill and will order again when my refills run out.

It works! by grs1961 on 3/27/2016
As good as the factory made one, and the variation in scent is pleasing.

CCR Refills by Chris on 10/20/2014
I have used the CCRRefill for the past two years. It works as well as the original Braun shaver refill for a fraction of the cost. Great stuff. I have recommended to all my friends.

CCR Refills by Zoli on 8/17/2014
Have used the CCRRefill for the past two years. Works as well as the original Braun shaver refill for a fraction of the cost. Great stuff. Would recommend to all.

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